About me

I turn wood generally destined for the landfill, into art.  My first course in wood turning  over 8 years ago ignited a quest for new techniques to craft better formed, finer and more interesting pieces.

Every year is a new adventure in woodturning for me.  For years I have taken every opportunity to learn under nationally known wood turners.  I believe that I can learn something from everyone.  During that effort I have experienced the variety that woodturning has to offer.  Woodturning as an artistic medium is boundless.

Given the breadth of the art form, it is impossible to be an expert or even good at all of it.  I find myself drawn to making hollow forms, vases and boxes.  Having said that, you will also see here that I enjoy trying most if not all disciplines and techniques that I run across.  In the last few years I have begun to experiment with surface modification either through carving, texturing, burning or application of paints and or metals.

Given the very nature of wood, most of the items I create are one of a kind.  Much of the time I will start a piece with only a vague idea of where I want it to go. Where the piece ends up is up depends on the wood.

I hope you enjoy the work that I do.  If you would like a piece, let me know.   918-213-9751 or bradglock@yahoo.com